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2022 season

What day will you open up selections for the Daytona 500 and will there be an option to make a lineup for the non-points events like the All-Star race and the LA Coliseum race next year?

Larson won what!?!

Kyle Larson wins the NASCAR Championship, and Larson said what!?! wins the SC Fantasy Championship!! Barlowracing41b closed the gap to 12 points, but ultimately fell short of catching Larson. Fireboy Racing 41, Poop on 18, and Sunday Money 3 round out the Top 5. Bowman49Ally wins the final race of the year by 1 point ahead of Tread! What a way for the season to come to a close, and thank you all for joining us this season!

Championship Race!

We made it! Good luck to everyone and thank you for another great season! Can Larson said what?! hang onto his 35 point lead to secure the championship, or will someone else steal the show?!

Running Low

Out of starts with most drivers as well, time to watch this ship sink

Car less 🚗

Man I SUCK so bad from burning up ALL of my top cars in all three leagues ...... lol....I don't even bother to look at the Guys and Gal's it's been great playing this game with y'all. As I said I like to stay up in the top five as long as I can and use up the good cars. It's fun for me to try to hang on but it don't get much worse then where I run you'll find me at the bottom every week after a race. I've had enough of doing this now. NEXT YEAR I'M GOING TO MANAGE MY CARS ALL THE YEAR. but I promise you this I don't like for 3/4 of the racing year not to see myself into top 5 or so but I'm going to shoot for the end of the year this time. Play catch-up next year.... 😂 It's been a blast

No one left

Down 10


good luck everyone!

Spent cars

I do this every year. But it's fun to stay up top in the standings as long as I can then Hussle in the end of the year with these cars I normally wouldn't start I burned up my best cars I all three leagues when I was trying to lead all three leagues at one time , if nothing else but to lead them for that one week. I came damn close a couple of weeks there. I think I did lead one league and was second in the other two leagues just a handful of points out of first place and burned up every good car I had doing so but that's the fun of it to me. I wouldn't change a single thing. Man all I can do is watch myself fall slap out of sight. You need a lot of good fortune when doing this and people every week I watch my cars crash out . Xfinity race I done lost two cars before the first segment..... Lol .. I love it 😆😆😁😁

DuPont_ Flames

Man that's a bummer man, to have a second place car disqualified I hate that happened. When I looked this morning I noticed my race results jumped up from 9th to 5th so I knew someone's car failed post inspection. He was mighty confident in his interview and he thought he could even win this race. Maybe he knew something about his car no one else did. Hummm... After his pre race interview I questioned myself why I didn't start him just on his confidence alone. He said he would be aggressive and I love that in a driver. If your not aggressive your usually just second or third best. I love this game 🎯


Never mind I realized he actually did get dq by nascar


ok quick question, I played buescher in mine too but uh shouldn’t we just go by nascar’s scoring for if the driver is “dq’ed”

Buescher DQ’d

His second place finish at Daytona is erased and his race points were deducted to 1. He gained a stage point and led a lap so his final score is 3. (Check the rules page for fantasy scoring of drivers that get DQ’d after the race). Of course I started him :(

Thank you!

We appreciate the kind words! There is a core group of players here who enter lineups consistently, and I want to say thank you for the support! Dupont puts in a lot of time during the week to set the active drivers/race times/etc. As far as setting the classes, it's something we look forward to doing every year, but sometimes drivers have surprising good or bad years. I for one didn't see Larson's dominating year coming especially after missing most of last season. And nearly the entire C list and 4 full-time D listers have a higher PPR than Almirola who we put in the B list, WHOOPS!! Maybe we can have some sort of open discussion when we set the classes for next season? We can maybe do a Twitch stream this offseason where anyone can join in and help us decide. I think that would be fun!!

Sucked !!!!!

Man I'm just here laughing at myself....... lol..... Man I sucked in all the races this weekend. I sure picked all the crappy cars in all three races.... 😆 .... Unbelievable.... lol....😆


Also lol when you said everybody in A class is a cup champion which you are correct except…. Hamlin lmaooooooooo I always meme about how he never wins the title but gets so close


Yeah this game is more fun than nascar’s fantasy game, I really like the concept of it. Thanks for everything


Thanks man! I appreciate it. There’s only two of us that work on this website so we do the best we can in our free time to keep up! Lol


Oh yeah I forgot to mention. I'm damn happy to be here playing in your league .


Your doing it right !! Great job.


We based the Classes off of our point system results from last year and based off points this was the order they placed. We then split them up into the classes. 21 car was a lot better last year and is having a down year. It’s hard to “project” what going to happen in a race season. Larson was out of a car for a year and was placed into the 48 team which wasn’t A-class results. I think everyone in the A-class is a former Cup Champion, too. The playing field is even for everyone so I don’t see an issue.

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