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2022 season

What day will you open up selections for the Daytona 500 and will there be an option to make a lineup for the non-points events like the All-Star race and the LA Coliseum race next year?

Larson won what!?!

Kyle Larson wins the NASCAR Championship, and Larson said what!?! wins the SC Fantasy Championship!! Barlowracing41b closed the gap to 12 points, but ultimately fell short of catching Larson. Fireboy Racing 41, Poop on 18, and Sunday Money 3 round out the Top 5. Bowman49Ally wins the final race of the year by 1 point ahead of Tread! What a way for the season to come to a close, and thank you all for joining us this season!

Championship Race!

We made it! Good luck to everyone and thank you for another great season! Can Larson said what?! hang onto his 35 point lead to secure the championship, or will someone else steal the show?!

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1 TeamLogano 137
2 Hamster 115
3 Rastamotorsports 109
4 Checkeredflag 109
5 BiffNation16 107
6 Ganassifan9kl5 105
7 wreckum 104
8 Streets 103
9 Maryland32 101